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Scientists have created stitches that can monitor your wounds

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Soon you may be stitched up after an operation or accident with threads that monitor your health and send the details directly back to your doctor.

Tufts University researchers have created thread made from both cotton and synthetics, which is then dipped in chemical and physical sensing compounds to track your health.

It can then sense a variety of variables including stress, temperature, strain, pH, glucose levels and pressure to know exactly how your wounds are healing.


Shrinking wearables

The information can then be sent wirelessly to a doctor’s phone, tablet or computer, allowing them to monitor your condition remotely and reducing the number of visits you need.

The threads would be able to be used as stitches or made to specific shapes such as clothing, bandages or other dressings.

Don’t expect to be sewed up with this technology anytime soon though. The researchers have a lot of work and experiments to do with the technology before hospitals can begin stocking the tech and putting it into your body.


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