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12 best gadgets in the world today: Best tech around

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1. Best smartphone – Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge



Price from £760

The S5 was an also-ran last year, but the improved S6 is now the best phone money can buy – and the Edge is its cooler cousin.

Techionix says: A stylish glass-and-metal design, a stunning screen and a great camera.

2. Best home audio – Yamaha YSP-2500



Price £800

As good as it gets for upgrading your TV’s audio, Yamaha’s soundbar will give your movies the oomph and clarity they deserve without terrorising your lounge style.

Techionix says: Futuristic sound-reflecting tech offers amazing cinema sound.

3. Best tablet – iPad Air 2


Price from £399

As with any Apple product, you pay a premium, but for your extra pennies you get the best tablet money can buy right now – you definitely won’t be disappointed.

Techionix says: Sleek, solid and a spectacular display – the Air 2 is a pleasure to use.

4. Best headphones – Oppo PM-1


Price £999

A huge wedge of cash is needed, but Oppo’s headphones are well worth the premium entry fee in order to acquire musical nirvana for your ears. Simply sumptuous.

Techionix says: The build, immense sound quality and comfort justify the price tag.

5. Best TV – Samsung UE55JS9000


Price from £3,099

Samsung’s new-for-2015 model has a super-smart interface, incredible visuals and superb design. It’s proper future-proof.

Techionix says: This 55-inch is amazing in Ultra HD, but also brilliant for regular HD.

6. Best smartwatch – Apple Watch


Price from £299

Apple’s wearable is packed with features and offers a wide range of customisation options to give you some individuality. The only real downside is the limited battery life.

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Techionix says: This is the one that will properly kickstart the smartwatch revolution.

7. Best TV streamer – Roku 3


Price £99

It seems that nobody can hold a candle to the original streaming box – the third incarnation is powerful, feature-packed and has loads of available content.

Techionix says: The Roku 3 is the best choice for freedom of entertainment

8. Best fitness tracker – Basis Peak


Price £169.99

Sporty but smart, the Basis Peak is the perfect fitness tracker without making you look like you’ve just stepped out of the gym. It has great functionality, too.

Techionix says: Straddles the line between watch and fitness tracker beautifully.

9. Best laptop – Dell XPS 13


Price £1,060

The best laptop around, and there’s not an Apple logo in sight – PC giant Dell proves that it can do more than churn out desktop computers with this feature-packed laptop.

Techionix says: Fantastic performance and build. It will serve you well for years to come.

10. Best connected home – Nest Learning Thermostat


Price £180

A smarter way to handle your knobs, Nest is an essential upgrade for any home, making your heating easier to manage than ever.

Techionix says: Nest is a great first step in creating a smarter home.

11. Best camera – Sony A77 II


Price £749

An SLR is the ideal camera for those who want to get more from their photos, and Sony’s A77 II is a great way to get on the ‘promateur’ bandwagon.

Techionix says: Ideal for shooting a range of subjects in a variety of conditions.

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12. Best automotive – Tesla Model S



Price £54,880

Soon, every home will have an electric car in the drive, but if you’re bandwagon-jumping right now and want a touch of opulence with your ride, the Model S is a must.

Techionix says: Attractive and speedy, the Model S is the best electric car you can buy.

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