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Apple embeds solar cells into iPhones(iphone 7), trackpads, keyboards

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Apple has been granted a patent for solar cells embedded underneath touch screens, similar to those used in Macbook trackpad, iPhone, iPad or Apple Watch display. A new patent from Apple highlighted by PatentlyApple this week, though, describes a technology that would be a very welcome remedy to battery life issues. The patent covers applying solar cells to a touch display surface like a trackpad or iPhone to store power for the device”

As indicated by the US patent, the hidden solar panel would revive the cell phone for the duration of a whole day. However, the Apple patent is very vague about the technology – which could provide a welcome battery boost to the firm’s slew of power-hungry devices. Apple explains in the US patent: “The wireless device has a touch sensor and a solar cell that converts ambient light into electrical power.

In either case, relying on solar power in part to prolong battery life during use would be a welcome addition to Apple’s desktop peripherals. The patent could also be applied to add a solar component to trackpads found on Apple’s portable MacBooks to prevent the need to charge as frequently between uses.

This radical redesign could be a perfect opportunity for Apple to introduce its recently-patented solar technology. Thankfully, Apple fans will not have to wait for the iPhone 7 to get a bump in battery life. The upcoming iPhone 6S is expected to get a bigger battery cell.


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