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The Teslasuit lets you feel virtual reality

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Having your eyes and ears enclosed in a virtual reality world is all well and good, but what about the rest of your body? Your various limbs are going to know you’re still sat in your living room, which can be confusing if your brain thinks it’s in outer space.

In the search for a more immersive VR experience, a team based in Scotland has come up with the Teslasuit: a full-body haptic outfit that puts pressure on your body to simulate physical experiences in whatever game you’re playing or movie you’re watching.

It works via a Bluetooth-connected T-Belt controller that you wear around your waist, which translates instructions into neuromuscular electrical stimulation (NMES) for your physical self. Anything from a bullet hit to a warm hug can be replicated, apparently.

Pressure points

The makers of the Teslasuit are promising that the number of interaction points – up to 52 – sets their invention apart from the other haptic feedback solutions on the market. It even comes with integrated climate control, and you can code your own haptic sensations too.

“Our electro-tactile haptic feedback system gives you the ability to touch and feel objects inside the virtual world,” say the Kickstarter campaigners. “It is a revolutionary smart textile gaming suit that allows you to interact with virtual environments like never before.”

To get a full body suit you need to pledge at least £1,199 (roughly US$1,760, AU$2,450) on Kickstarter. Delivery is expected in December, but as with any Kickstarter product, don’t be surprised if there are a few bumps along the way. The Teslasuit team is hoping to raise £250,000 (roughly US$365,000, AU$510,000) in the next month.

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