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Acer unveils the first ever curved screen gaming laptop

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Computer maker Acer has got the ball rolling at IFA 2016 by unveiling the world’s first curved screen gaming laptop.


The intensely named Predator 21 X has a 21-inch display that curves inwards on both sides, as well as housing five cooling fans and dual Nvidia GeForce processors to ensure high end graphics appear on that display.

It’s quite a sight too.


If you’re wondering how it closes, the whole unit is slightly curved to ensure that it folds together.

The Predator’s smaller siblings have also been updated with new Nvidia processors that makes them ready to handle virtual reality for the first time.

Curved screens have had a mixed reaction when used in TVs so far, but Acer believes they can offer a more “immersive” gaming experience.

As well as the curving screen, the 21 X also comes with eye-tracking technology that can be used by gamers to aim and take cover just by gazing at objects on the screen. Gamers will even be able to change direction just by looking around the screen.


Infra-red sensors and software built into the laptop are able to scan and track eye movement as it darts around the screen.

The eye-tracking tech has also been added to three new Predator monitors Acer also announced ahead of IFA.

For hardcore gamers looking for an upgrade, the wait to get their hands on the Predator 21 X isn’t too long either, with Acer confirming a Europe launch in October, but it’s likely to cost you around or even over £1,500, though a UK price is still to be confirmed.


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